our food

So how did Debono become a specialist supplier of high quality foods and key ingredients to chefs in London and the South East?

More than 45 years ago, the Debono family first started supplying London’s citizens and chefs with specialist Italian products from a delicatessen in Soho.

Before long George Debono had to move premises so that he could satisfy the ever-increasing demand for his products from restaurants and caterers. And by the end of the 90s Debono had established itself as a leading supplier to chefs in central London, with a reputation for a fine range of continental foods supported by excellent service.

In the 00s entrepreneurs Derek Wignall and Gareth Allen, continued to grow and develop the business, and together they have established Debono as a leading supplier to the high end London restaurant scene, as well as to a growing number of gastropubs, hotels, health delis, coffee shops, specialist event and contract caterers.

our products

Our current product range reflects the roots of the business, but has broadened considerably to include many new foods and non-food products in response to customer demand.
New foods or ingredients added to our portfolio will always be ethically sourced from suppliers that meet our exacting quality standards and of course offer great value for money for our customers.

Product categories include:
  • An extensive range of ambient goods, from chefs’ larder basics through to specialist ingredients from all around the world.
  • Our own label products are second to none. We take pride and care to source only the best; it has to be the best if we put our name on it.
  • A chilled range of meats, fish, cheeses, dairy products, fresh pastry and fresh yeast. All of the main ingredients that will allow you to deliver your menus.
  • In order to provide chefs with their kitchen essentials, we also supply a range of cleaning and food preparation products too.

Throughout the year, we increase our range to include specialist seasonal ingredients and foods, because we know how important it is for chefs to have a reliable and dependable service during the busy times such as Christmas.
In addition to our core range of products, we also offer all our customers regular promotions and offers that will help drive footfall and add value to your business.

our people

Debono really cares about everyone who is affected by our business. Great business for our customers relies on good relations with our suppliers, our friends in the community and most of all with our colleagues.
Underpinning our culture (that’s the ‘who we are’ and ‘how we do it’ bit!) we live and breathe the following values:

  • Teamwork  – We have fun working together. We are loyal and accountable, treating each other with courtesy and respect. Recognising our different skills we depend on each other and like the best teams, we are positive, committed, hardworking and fair.
  • Professionalism – we aim to be the best at what we do, successfully and consistently.  Our high standards and a commitment to continuously improve and grow the business result in levels of excellence we are proud of.
  • Integrity – we are people to be trusted and we stand by our word, even if it costs us. In our dealings with everyone we prize honesty and openness and this leads to stronger relationships.



Our people and team form the backbone of our company, and without them we would not be able to give outstanding levels of service day in day out.
Our team is responsive, efficient, helpful and friendly; they go the extra mile to help clients, whether this is calling them up if they’ve forgotten to place an order, to sourcing, stocking and delivering a new product within 3-5 working days.
We have a strong and close knit team who are totally passionate about their jobs and this means you, the customer, enjoy a more personal service. It also means we can react quicker and you can have an answer in the time it takes some rivals to locate the department you should be speaking with!
Our drivers are well presented and flexible. They will go the extra mile and work hard to ensure your delivery arrives on time and before service, allowing you to get on with the more important things in your business.


Our team understands our customers’ business and they are knowledgeable, we know how difficult it can be to place an order at peak times, that’s why we take orders up to midnight and can still deliver the next day.
We’re a really fab team and we absolutely love what we do. A lot of our customers tell us (without wishing to sound too big headed) that we’re really great to work with, we like to have a laugh and we’re proud of the fact that many of our chefs treat us like friends and not just another supplier.
So why not pick up the phone or drop us an email today, one of the team will get back to you faster than you can say phenomenal ingredients!

our service

We pride ourselves on our great customer service. Always reliable, quick and reactive, and of course ordering will always be easy and as simple as it possibly can be. We also pride ourselves on our customer relationships, from the senior management team down, everyone in our team plays a part in making Debono the company it is through great customer service.

Our business is extremely flexible to meet the changing needs and demands of the foodservice industry. Customers rely on us to source and stock great products from all around the world, whilst remaining competitive and efficient.

Here’s what we do best:

  • We get products you order, to your kitchen, when you want it.
  • We make deliveries to central London five days a week.
  • We can take your order up to just a few hours before you need the product. Call the night before, up to midnight, and you can have a delivery next day.
  • We aim to make your life as easy as possible, whether that’s setting up a call with our telesales team at a time that suits you best, or giving you a ring because you might be too busy to call us.
  • We respond. We’ll return your calls, make that visit, send samples or whatever it is you need within reason and sometimes even without reason!
  • We recognise that as chefs our customers face the toughest challenge in satisfying the consumer. Without an excellent service we will quickly lose the confidence of our customers, so we try hard to say “yes” whenever we can.

But we will never forget that Debono exists because of our great customers and that is why you are at the forefront of everything we do.