Everyone at Debono is committed to the idea that our actions impact our community and that we can make a difference to the future of our planet.

We take global warming seriously and believe in sustainability.

We are committed to promoting environmental good practice and continually improving on our environmental successes.

We comply with legislation. This is a key commitment, as is the prevention of pollution and the desire to continually drive down our environmental impact.

We have an environmental policy and an environmental management system equivalent to ISO14001 appropriate for the scale of our business.

We want to be leaders in safeguarding the future of our planet. Working with Debono means that you are dealing with a supplier committed to carefully monitors its carbon footprint and serious about changing its behaviour.

In addition to our commitments there are several other initiatives and schemes that we are really passionate about and hold very close to our hearts. (See below)

In Collaboration with FMG 2017
To underline our commitment to ethical thinking, Debono is delighted to be associated with The SRA.

We take global warming seriously and believe in sustainability. We are working with the Sustainable Restaurant Association as a Food Made Good Supplier. This community is a mixed bunch of food-service professionals (like us), entrepreneurs, chefs, business owners, marketers, sustainability buffs coming together to make food good and together learn, share and connect.



We are also delighted to be a member of the Red Tractor scheme

Debono takes our environmental and ethical responsibilities very seriously and we’re proud of the fact that we were amongst the first in our trade to have an environmental policy and to obtain higher-level certification for our food safety. Being a Red Tractor licensee shows our commitment to uphold high standards and be a leader amongst Foodservice operators.

Red Tractor demonstrates Debono’s support not only for our British farmers but all parts of the trade who take food safety, animal welfare and environmental protection seriously. We also see the increasing consumer requirement to eat out at establishments where ingredients are sustainable or sourced locally and want to help our own customers in meeting that demand.

Using Red Tractor ingredients in your menu will reassure your customers that ethical considerations, such as animal welfare and sustainability, have been taken care of. The Union Jack in the logo will also guarantee that it is British, an established synonym for quality, and appeal to customer patriotism and pride.

charity support

actionWe also love to support and give something back to the community in which we operate. So we are pleased to take part in the Restaurants against Hunger campaign and we support a number of local charities in East London throughout the year. Buying from Debono means you are also involved in helping those charities. If you want to nominate a charity we would be pleased to hear from you.

Past recipients of Debono donations include: Leukaemia Research Fund, Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital, Crisis and the Special Care Baby Unit at the London Hospital. So, if you’re a regular customer of Debono, please accept our thanks for making this giving possible. Visit the Action Against Hunger official website here.

Richard House

RichardHouseDebono is proud to support Richard House Children’s Hospice as our nominated charity. The charity provides care and support to children and young people who are at risk of death because of a life-limiting or life-threatening health condition.

As part of their services Richard House delivers clinical care, short breaks and other residential services to children and young adults, while supporting their families through counselling, therapy, bereavement support and more. With a focus on living for today and creating positive memories for tomorrow, they also offer a range of activities for all the family to enjoy.

To hear more about the amazing work Richard House do, click here.

We are also proud to support other local and national charities. Recently Lesley, Holly and Lucy have baked a load of fantastic cakes to raise money for McMillan Cancer Support!